The Case of the Blinded Blizzard

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Since the time we have been listening to the stories of the courage and adventure of the security dog named Hank, John R. Erickson has never missed a story to be written under the series titled as Hank the Cowdog, and this is the Book 16 that you will be enjoying with Hank and the mesmerizing and engaging narration done by the author.

The case of the blinding blizzard is a true adventure that seems impossible to overcome for the Hank as he tries to manage the extreme weather as well as manages to get out of the problem he is facing and find out a way that will lead home to deliver his services as a security dog for the ranch.

But all this end up with the real thing that Hank could never have imagined. But as always, hank does a cool job and overcomes the impossible things quickly so that they could find all things get into the right manner for the sake of the security.

As the story develops you will find yourself hanging around the thrilling moments that Hank has to cope with and the kids listening to it would never forget how Hanks handles all the things that apparently come out to be extremely disturbing.

Following the same courage-filled thoughts and efforts, kids will never find Hank stuck anywhere and will always be happy to get things better as the story develops further just like the way it does in the stories  The Further Adventures of Hank the Cowdog and Let Sleeping Dogs Lie.



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