The Case of the Halloween Ghost

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This is the Book 9 from the series Hank the Cowdog written and narrated by John R. Erickson and accompanies many new adventures and things that will surely keep you waiting for more. This is a case of spooky ghost that keeps on haunting the Halloween day to make sure everyone is dreaded to find out what is going on out there.

Though Hank is the self-appointed responsible security officer head, he thinks he should take charge for this case as well and find out what is going on around the ranch and what should be the cause and solution to save the day and return the thrilling festive spirit of the Halloween day.

The fact is that no adventure comes just simple as that and Hank has to solve many things around the corner to make sure the real culprit has to be captured instead of just anyone who might or might not be responsible for such things.

This surely concerns Hank and he gets out to find the spooky creature around the ranch and make sure to get into the reach cause so that the Halloween day celebrations are not ruined and will be kept going as they have planned.

Just like Hank has solved the cases in the stories The Case of the One-Eyed Killer Stud Horse and The Curse of the Incredible Priceless Corncob this story also describes the abilities and the skills Hank has and how he will solve any issue that comes in its way.






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