The Case of the Missing Cat

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Hank the Cowdog has never-ending adventures and John R Erickson has covered most of them in his series written as Hank the Cowdog. This one is the Book 15 which turns out to be another great adventure followed up by Hank to get the revenge sorted out for the sake of his dignity and respect that he gets lost in a bet.

The story has been plotted and written in a very smooth and engaging manner so that you would never feel overwhelmed because of the characters and the ever-changing scenarios. The Cowdog has always a new way to carry out his actions so that the listeners would enjoy what he is doing.

To make sure kids would enjoy the story, they always get a song behind so that there are no boring naps during the story and they will enjoy each and every word just like it is happening in front of them.

The Author has always tried to keep thing up to the mark that kids would expect to listen to when having the Hank on the story. This case of the missing cat is a different thing as the Cowdog is fighting to get all things he has lost in a bet with a cat.

The sound quality and the narration is smooth and gives a lot of impressions that listeners would enjoy and would always want to listen to more stories like that including The Case of the Fiddle-Playing Fox and The Case of the Wounded Buzzard on Christmas Eve.




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