The Cat Who Knew a Cardinal

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Jim Qwilleran didn’t have a peaceful life during the early years of his career so he decided to come back to Pickax where he is hoping to find some peace. The small town seems to be a perfect place to settle down and have a long rest. When Jim starts living at his family home once again, he thinks that he has made the biggest mistake of his life.

Nothing goes according to the plan in Pickax because there are troubles which cannot be explained. The people present around are friendly but they are annoying too because they tend to hover on your head all the time. Finding a little privacy in these type of circumstances is not easy at all.

In the morning there is the cardinal which wakes Jim up just when he is actually trying to get an extra doze. The biggest trouble is Polly, the one whom Jim loves so much for the past many years. Jim thinks that Polly is interested in another man which means that their relationship has no future now.

Author Lilian Jackson Braun adds a murder story in the novel after describing these details about Jim’s private life. A dead body appears on the surface and Dennis is arrested as a suspect in the case. Dennis happens to be Jim’s close friend so Jim decides to help him.

Also Jim thinks that if he solves the case, it would be a great display of his skills in front of Polly. The Cat Who Moved a Mountain and The Cat Who Came to Breakfast, the other parts of the series are also narrated by George Guidall. We can consider George as the official narrator for the series and a spectacular job has been performed by him.

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