The Cat Who Went Bananas

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Books become the centre of attraction for the author Lilian Jackson Braun in this new instalment of the series. The author has talked about murders throughout the series. The motive behind the murder was always different but the one who was trying to catch the criminal was the same i.e Jim Qwilleran.

Theatrical production brings merriment to the people of Pickax along with the opening of a bookshop in the honour of a legend.

Jim is busy in covering the details linked to these two festive events when an actor is killed all of a sudden. The police is of the view that the man was shot when he tried to secure an ancient book present in his possession. Jim like always comes to the place and starts an investigation of his own. There were apparently no clues on the spot but slowly things start coming to the surface.

There was more to the case than the things which caught the eye in the first glance. Jim also gets worried about Koko because it has started acting in a weird way. Jim thinks that Koko is out of its mind or perhaps Koko is the one who is going in the right direction.

Get ready because you are going to get a better flavour in this part as compared to the other great books such as The Cat Who Moved a Mountain and The Cat Who Came to Breakfast. Every next part of this series is better equipped with a strong plot. Moreover the setting is marvellous and it tells that the author is becoming more and more confident on every occasion.


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