The Cat Who Went into the Closet

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Wherever Jim and Koko go, fun and mystery is sure to follow them. It is something which is stitched to their fate and they cannot run away from it. In all the episodes which we have heard in the voice of George Guidall, there has been something suspicious which Jim solves with the help of his allies.

So far Jim and Koko have not lost any battle and it is not only because of their determination, their luck has also favoured them on a number of occasions. This time it is not a new case which they are looking into rather an old case buried for many years spring up. Lilian Jackson Braun starts the story when Jim takes a mansion on rent.

The mansion had been empty for a long while because of some unknown reasons which Jim didn’t bother to know. When he was going through the stuff in the closet, he found out that the previous owner of the mansion was actually committed suicide.

Also there were hints of a murder too which Jim and Koko were unable to ignore. The Cat Who Moved a Mountain and The Cat Who Wasn’t There type of clues are not there in this part because the case is not linked to the recent time. The case is dated in the previous decade but Jim and Koko are able to find its links in the present.

The culprit is still out there and Jim decides to bring justice to those who have long been forgotten. There is not much police work and the mansion holds all the keys for the case.

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