The Chase

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The FBI team is back on the line after the task gets nuclear and appears to be going out of the hands of the government. Nicolas Fox famous for his skills and talents in the agency takes another case that appear to be simple at first and one mystery after another starts coming to scene. It seems that someone is knitting a web of deceptions against the whole agency and the things are not what they appear to be at the beginning.

Agent Kate, the woman he likes and seems perfect for his kinds of mission is once again with him for another one. Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg present untouchable criminals in front of this leading pair so that their skills could be tested up to their true potential. Its Carter Grove this time they are after, the man is with several links in the agency as well because he was once the White House chief.

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The man is with several secrets and connections in his pocket as he steals a Chinese artifact that could start a war between China and the United States. The issue does not look proper as why Grover ever wanted to start a nuclear war between the two countries. The two agents fight against all odds to get the artifact back as they almost travel the whole world for the completion of their mission.

The sense of urgency can be found in most of the writer’s works like Helter Skelter and Dune this time the action is plays the dominant role. The appealing voice of Scott Brick come at a dull pace in the start but it goes on getting better and better at the time of rising action.






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