The Chef

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If you’ve read James Peterson’s book and loved it, you will love this one. He has written a lot of best-sellers like Unsolved and The President Is Missing. In this book, he collaborated with Michael DiLallo to produce one of the finest action thrillers in both hardcover and audiobook. Michael Ziants produced the audio coverage of the book. He represented the characters with the right diction. Each character has the ideal emotion and voice throughout the book.

It is very easy to distinguish between the characters as they all have a dia stinctive presence in the novel. The authors also utilize humor in the proper order.  The book is a high action-packed thriller with lots of suspense. Readers will fill overwhelmed with the way the plot develops.

In the beginning, it started with a slow pace but the book picks momentum gradually and climaxed just at the right time.  Overall, this is an interesting piece that engages the readers throughout the story.

Caleb Rooney is a food truck chef by night and a police detective by day. However, it seems another title has been added to his credentials as the most wanted.

He has come under investigation for a line of duty gone wrong. There is a murder he’s been accused of as some persons in the police department things he is culpable.

As he is trying to free himself from this accusation, Rooney discovers that his city could be under attack by local folks. He has to approach this new discovery with shrewdness. Otherwise, everything he has stood up for will just go up in flames. His life may as well be in danger.


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