The Children of Hurin

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J.R.R. Tolkien wrote The Lord of the Rings which made the author famous overnight, after that great success the author comes to a story before the Rings. Before the start of the issue of the rings, there was a race that used to roam on the surface of the planet. That race was of the elves, they were peaceful but then war was thrashed on them by the Dark Lord, Morgoth. He hated the elves because according to him all the elves were the children of Hurin. So they have to pay the price because of the deed of their ancestor.

It was Hurin who mocked Morgoth for his cruel rule and that too in front of him. After that incident, the Dark Lord was never able to show leniency toward any elf of the land. He just wants to kick them out of the world and for this, he has to kill every living elf present in the world. Fights between elves and other creatures remind us of The Fellowship of the Ring and The Hobbit but it is just pure hatred here and thing like greed is nonexistent. Also, elves are not presented as cunning as they used to be in most parts of The Lord of the Rings.

They look more tamed and they fight to protect themselves, gaining more power or taking over some treasures does not appear to be their motive here. During the last three chapters, we see the elves changing behavior after bearing the cruelty; Christopher Lee gives them a rather harsh tone at some parts to depict their character.




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