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Richard Armitage once again takes the guard of the narration department after a successful experience in David Copperfield another one of Charles Dickens’ famous novel. We can call Richard a man with true expression as he successfully follows the accent of the time as well.

It means that before narration Richard had complete knowledge of the era of which and in which Dickens wrote the whole thing. This novel is from a sequence of five novels series that Dickens wrote, the first one was of course “A Christmas Carol”. The writer shifts to spirituality this time and this series shows that he never remained stuck to one single category of novels.

Though his initial works were a catharsis of his own past life then there is diversity as well which is not seen usually in many writers. Trotty Veck the poor porter and the central figure in the novel gets frustrated form the people of the land as he fails to find goodness in them. All of a sudden he gets visions that change his perception towards humanity and the pessimism in him suddenly disappears.

The basic theme of the novel is quite superb as you can see goodness in a thing of you actually believe in goodness otherwise a dejected person cannot see the bright side of things. One cannot feel the love that is present in other people if he himself lacks love.

The story can be understood in a better way if we read all the parts otherwise this one only contains one fraction of the whole idea that the writer presented. The importance of love and family is also there that was the one thing lacking in his works like Great Expectations. Thus we can say the writer has experimented a lot and the experiments have always been a hit.



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