The Christmas Wishing Tree

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The Christmas Wishing Tree is the 15th chapter of the Eternity Springs novel series which is authored by Emily March. She writes stunning romance and women’s fiction novels and one of her better titles is Teardrop Lane. After that, Jackson is another exciting title from Emily that deserves to be tried.

The audio narration of The Christmas Wishing Tree is done by Amy Landon. It was quite an acceptable performance which by no means would distract you from enjoying this novel.

A man who loves to enjoy the open sea and adventure, Devin made a return back home to his hometown in Eternity Springs. He was coming back there for Christmas. He was deeply immersed in the magic and joy of the great holiday season there. He didn’t hesitate at all to play along when Santa was phoned by a young boy and asked for a special wish. Devin was not known for guessing that the wrong number could lead to making everything in his life just so perfect.

Reilly was adopted by Jenna when he needed a mother and she always wanted to keep him safe. Eternity Springs seemed to be a very good place to hide easily from their past and without any complications. But then the sexy Santa discovered all of her secrets himself. When Devin came forward with a daring plan to tackle the danger altogether and then defeat it, then she felt tempted. Was Devin capable of making the wishes come true?

It is a very nice Christmas story and you will enjoy this one. The narration was closer to being average, but you could live with it.

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