The Clockwork Prince

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Magic all the way adorns the path of the second part as Tessa Gray comes closer to know the secrets about her origin. Tessa had no idea about her past because of which she failed to understand the reason why Magister was after her for such a long time. Running away was tried by her and it proved to be of no use, later she remained successful in taking refuge in a cozy corner. Shadowhunters who too were enemies of Magister provided Tessa the secured place she was looking for.

Under Charlotte’s protection, Tessa was sure no harm could come to her ever. When Charlotte’s role shifts among the Shadowhunters Tessa realizes it’s time for her to move on and look for a secure place of her own. In the company of Will and Jem, the girl moves on in search of some clues about her hidden past. Instead of her past, she comes to know more about her arch-nemesis i.e the Magister. The Magister possesses a special hatred for her and he just wants to erase her and the rest of the Shadowhunters from the face of the world.

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As the three moves forward in their quest they start knowing more about each other, one thing which weakens the bond is treachery in the gang. Cassandra Clare the master in twisting stories has tried all her skills in the series. Ed Westwick and Heather Lind narrated in their typical style but it is the story which dominates like City of Bones and City of Ashes. Don’t even try to blink for a moment when this story opens in front of you.

Action, adventure, and mystery run equally in the second part. The love of Tessa confuses most of the fans because it is not clear for whom her heart truly beats. Member Benefit

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    The Clockwork Princess

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