The Color of Our Sky

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Bitter realities about different cultures can sometime make your mind go round; an ordinary person living an ordinary life cannot comprehend the issues that the down to earth face. It is India that we see through the eyes of the author Amita Trasi who tells us about the condition of the lower-class.

The year is 1986 when the young Indian girl Mukta was about ten years of age and she was mentally preparing herself for the family profession. Her grandmother and her mother have been the temple’s prostitutes and she too will join the same rank after getting to the mature age. Though she tries a lot but her mind is never ready to except the duty and thus she defies the boundaries and comes to Mumbai. Settles in a middle class family as a maid Mukta for the first time in her life sees what life really is.

She makes a friend in the form of Tara and then tastes things like freedom and ice cream. Everything goes well until the day Mukta gets kidnapped and Tara shifts to America with her family. The loss of a friend who was like a sister to her never left Tara’s mind. She comes back to India as a grown up for the search of Mukta and that search leads her to her own family secrets.

Relationship between the two girls is the highlight of the novel but things like child abduction and human trafficking cannot be ignored which is the primary goal of writer’s debut novel. Zehra Jane Nacqvi and Sneha Mathan narrate in a little Hindi accent so that the listener can get the taste of the culture and the people.

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