The Conference of the Birds

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The conference of the birds here means the conference between the Americans that takes place after a certain period. Only this time it is different enemies are trying to destroy all that has been created between the two worlds. Miss Peregrine and the gifted children together have suffered a lot; still, they have survived against the accursed enemies who have tried to eat them up for the sake of powers. Grandson of a librarian and himself bestowed with the same powers i.e Jacob Portman has developed a strong group of friends for himself.

Together they whitewashed the evil forces in the Library of Souls and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and they are united to handle this conspiracy too. Author Ransom Riggs gives the children more than they can chew in the start and the struggle seemed to be failing. This happens only in the first half, in the next half the team of the gifted children comes back strongly with Jacob once again leading the troop.

With the conspiracies opening up in the novel, sides are finally chosen by different powerful entities and solutions can only be found on the battleground after this big drama.

Narrator Kirby Heyborne also gives a serious voice to the peculiar children especially Jacobs to show that they have finally grown up and can handle things all by themselves. The fate of both worlds lies on their shoulders now, if they run away from the spot there would be no place left for them in the world and also in the history books of the library where their souls would be kept for eternity.




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