The Confessor

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From an assassin, Gabriel turned into an art restorer and he still performs the job of an agent on rare occasions. Things from the past just keep on appearing in front of him and he has nothing to lose after The Order and The Kill Artist. Old war rivals and faces that the world things have gone extinct appear now and then for Gabriel which gives him a chance to warm up again in his retired life.

Daniel Silva first provides the listeners a story in three parts and then the author makes them combine and it all turns into a big thing. The three different incidents which Gabriel hears about are not very much linked to one another but when the investigation starts he comes to know that the one behind these acts is very much the same.

The first incident takes place in Munich when Benjamin confronts a stranger in his apartment. Benjamin was an ordinary writer and never had any enmity with anyone but this strange man wanted something from his written works. When the author tried to stop him the man simply shot him and took the pages with him. Later the story shifts to the Vatican where a priest has something odd to tell.

Thus detective Gabriel has to race towards a different place in search of clues that can tell him what is going on. As expected this next part too is narrated by John Lee and there are bright chances that he would become the official narrator for the series after this part. Lee’s voice suits the character of Gabriel because of which the audience has started liking it.

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