The Crimson King

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Mighty figures have emerged in the series as many have fallen and some have even gone to the gallows. Among these names is the Crimson King who was once hailed as the keeper of the knowledge that people of the world inherited for centuries. With that knowledge he had the upper hand among the other rulers and warriors with great name. Now with his downfall and his deteriorating mental condition there is a threat that with him the knowledge would also be lost forever.

Human race would be once again thrown into the pit of ignorance and the progress that took centuries would be lost. This unconcerned legend actually stands as the library of Tizca in personified form. The sons of the Crimson King try to bring him back to the game and the first step is the crowning of the king once again so that he can feel that his existence still matters for the galaxy.

Graham McNeill has once again succeeded in portraying a one of a kind figure in the series which can bring twist in the whole game. Graham not only paints the main character but also the author makes a detailed picture of the surrounding and the psychological situation in which the main character is surviving during the progress of the tale.

Get a taste of False Gods and Fulgrim you will understand the trend of the author much better. For Jonathan Keeble narrating “The Horus Heresy” is like eating fish and chips now. The narrator has gained a lot of fame through this series and surely he is enhancing it rather than losing it by taking the job casually.

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