The Crystal Shard

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A. Salvatore is back again here with The Crystal Shard, which is book 4 of his popular and well received Legend of Drizzt novel series, among all his fans and critics. It is a science fiction book with a great central character of Drizzt Do’Urden, who goes through many surprising situations to amuse his audience to the core. Victor Bevine once again has paired up with the author in order to produce once of his great works, where his voice and expressive tone matched the magnitude of the Drizzt character, which he was playing.

Drizzt Do’Urden in The Crystal Shard has settled in the barren townships of Icewind Dale. In that place, he encountered Wulfgar, who is a young and dynamic barbarian. Wulfgar got captured in a raid and he made the ward of a greyish dwarf name “Bruenor”. Wulfgar is determined to grow from a feral child and become a man with a dwarf’s heart. He also wanted to have a soul of a hero and the nature of a ferocious person. For this, he anticipated help of Drizzt. But, it require a lot more than that for him to accomplish his goals.

Streams of Silver and The Halfling’s Gem is a pair of masterpiece produced through the pen and creativity of R. A. Salvatore. The books, as expected belongs to the epic Legend of Drizzt novel series. Both are highly recommended for their own individual story, which is capable enough to keep you mesmerized for hours. A good part of the success of these recommended novels also goes to Victor Bevine, who has done the narration of both the books in a very commanding manner.

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    Streams of Silver


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