The Curse of the Ancient Emerald

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Hardy boys having no time to rest in their home town i.e Bayport, get hold of another serious crime of three robberies. They have been trying to rest a little but it hasn’t been granted to them since day one when they started their career as the local detectives of the town. Despite their entire services, one thing is still missing in their life i.e recognition of their services officially. But that has not been their dream, they only like to solve cases and serve the hometown in the best possible way.

In this ninth episode, three different robberies take place, it is expected that the same gang is involved in all three but there is no proper hint or clue just riddles are there. Later however the two detectives come to know that all of it was the doing of Phantom. Finding Phantom remained impossible for the hardy boys after several attempts. Instead of finding Phantom, Frank and Joe involve themselves in solving the riddles that they have been receiving through the email. One way or the other the riddles are also connected to the robberies but they have to detect how. Shadows at Predator Reef and Deception on the Set were action-packed adventures; this one is mind toil.

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Franklin W. Dixon takes us into the core of a deeply complex story which is narrated by Tim Gregory again. Adorned by twists and turns this part should not be left untouched by the fans of the series. Among all the other parts one can say that this single part is unique and awesome in more than one way which can be felt not told. Member Benefit

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