The Daedalus Job

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War time in “L” because the truth about the pacifier has been revealed, it was Jax who was serving both sides all this time and surviving. Now his secret is under serious threat because the job which he accepted for some extra money has gone out of hands. Jax’s only source of earning is doing illegal business for both sides the good and the bad because for him the only good thing is a good pay in the end.

The tri-star system has doubts about him but he alone can pull off impossible jobs thus all sides need him every now and then. Korinth do the hiring in this first installment of the series and offers Jax more than he ever imagined. He has never done such a huge job but no one can say no to an opportunity.

In the end because of all the things going against him Jax tries to pull the toughest thing ever i.e stealing Daedalus one of the biggest military ships in the entire star system. It’s not the first time M.D. Cooper has written something about warfare Lyssa’s Fire: Sentience Wars: Origins Volume 4 & 5 and The Intrepid Saga: Books 1-3 & Orion War: Destiny Lost have achieved fame in the past. This series has one thing more than just simple fighting; it has struggle and the risk taking of a man who has nothing to lose in life. Till the end of this book narrated by Christian Rummel and Amy Landon we see that Jax is not a hero character rather he is a man who is utilitarian in his approach.

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