The Damnation of Pythos

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No time to sit and relax as long as one is attached to the series of Horus Heresy where every next step is towards another severe battle. No place in the universe appears safe for any of the races that need peace for the community. The Warmaster’s madness ignited blood thirst in the entire galaxy and though most of the Legions never wanted war but for their defense they became a part of it. David Annandale the creator of Ruinstorm here sketches a new horror for the civilization i.e Pythos, a jungle of doom from which no one comes back in one piece.

Darkness of Pythos can engulf the entire galaxy if it is allowed to spread much further. None of the Legions is ready for another fight in this episode. And all of them including Iron Hands, Salamanders and Raven Guard just come together to find a place to settle and rest for a while away from all the bloodshed in the universe.

Luck seems to run out for them as they land on the death world which is far more sinister than they hoped on landing. Not only these three but creatures and people from the rest of the planets start gathering on the spot to find a safe shelter for themselves. When they decide to settle it is revealed to them that they cannot remain safe unless the deal with the darkness of the dark forest named as Pythos.

Spooky is the correct word for this novel narrated once again by Jonathan Keeble whose services to this series are really great. Good news for the fans of the series is that the things are still not winding up even after the 30th part and it will take a decade more perhaps to end this one.

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