The Dark Archive

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The Dark Archive: Invisible Library, Book 7

The Dark Archive is the 7th installment in The Invisible Library novel series. It is a science fiction fantasy with quite an enticing tale, which the science fiction enthusiasts would surely love. The author of this novel and The Invisible Library series is Genevieve Cogman. She has done some brilliant work within the subject genre. Some of her recommended novels are The Secret Chapter and The Masked City.

Irene is a Librarian spy and she thought that her to-do list would be her undoing. She is on a daunting mission for the sake of both the library and her very dear and near mate, Vale, who is also a detective. In the meantime, Irene is also training her new Fae assistant and he is someone more interested in stacks as compared to sleuthing. But, someone now is looking to abduct her and murder all her friends.

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Just as Kai, Vale, and Irene look forward to track down the possible assassin, they managed to uncover a mysterious plot. It was a lot more insidious than they could ever imagine and this may well threaten the headquarters of Irene, the Library, and also Vale’s home. There was someone there who was trying to set up links between Vale’s world and the high chaos worlds. He was someone who was looking to settle for nothing less than putting Irene right out of the way.

The Dark Archive novel is all about a mysterious archive, a cunning plan, and a very powerful enemy. This is more or less the theme of the entire The Invisible Library novel series. The experience of listeners with this novel has been quite overwhelming. Member Benefit

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