The Dark Bones

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A Dark Lure Novel again strikes us with a murder mystery that has only one solution i.e confronting your past life and the hideous secrets that it contains. Loreth Anne White takes the series to the next level where the detective Rebecca North leaves her native land forever and promises to herself that she would never return to that state anymore because of certain elements that make her life tough to live.

The only thing that makes her return to that countryside is the suicide of her father that she cannot believe would happen as she is the one who knew her father right from the core. Not only her father shot herself but he also put his cabin on fire which gives a hint that someone perhaps wanted to burn down the evidence of her father’s death as well.

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She makes contact with Ash Haugen whom she left behind in her hometown for some reasons that she cannot discuss with anyone. The trail takes them to the house of a twelve-year-old child who knows about the murder in great detail but there are certain things that stop her from uttering the whole truth.

Meanwhile, there are other secrets Rebecca and Ash want to hide from the rest of the world as their revelation would damage their current life as well.  The female character resembles The Girl in the Moss and The Drowned Girls as in these books too we find girls or a single girl in distress fighting for a secure future life. Emily Sutton-Smith’s narration is wonderfully tailored with the story and it has given a magical touch to this tragedy.


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