The Dark of The Sun

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Wilbur Smith has everything in his stories and novels that are favorite for many novel readers and story lovers. In this novel, the adventure-filled journey is all about a struggle to derail a mission which is to be carried out very carefully. The band threatens to affect the mission in a negative way.

In the Congo crisis, the overall adventure brings in a lot of troubles and uncertainties which will be handled and confronted at the time of crisis.

The story pictures the crashing of the vehicle where the Shermaine will be rushed down with fire and all the crashing debris of the car.

The accident is caused due to the rushing impact and where Bruce curry is leading the way towards the priceless consignment of diamonds which the mercenary band wants to derail and catch up with.

In this whole story plot where the action never ends and will keep on with things in an unexpected manner. The struggle and fight throughout till the end would be a thrilling adventure that will excite the minds of the listeners and will keep you involved to know who will be winning the goal.

You will see rushing forces, bandits and enemies who are all behind their one goal. But despite many enemies, there will be a serious threat from the inside or from the own army or workers who apparently are with the band.

So, if you are in search of thrilling stories like A Sparrow Falls and When the Lion Feeds you will love to listen to this one as well.

The Narrator Peter Noble has given the best voice over to the story and has expressed all the struggles and voice for the characters that will let you experience the emotions and feelings and the thoughts in a way so that you can feel it while listening to it.




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