The Darkest Minds

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The Darkest Minds is the first chapter of a series with the same name. This one is a sensational science fiction fantasy for younger audience. The book is written by Alexandra Bracken, who is a popular author among children and young adult audience specifically. The Darkest Legacy and In the Afterlight are popular novels from the author. They are worth mentioning here in order to encourage audience to try their audio version for several hours of nonstop literary entertainment.

Amy McFadden has done the narration of The Darkest Minds. The narrator makes the perfect pairing with the author and pulls out a spectacular performance, which will be long remembered and cherished.

The story is of Ruby who found some weird changes in herself when she got off the bed on her 10th birthday. The change was frightening enough to make her parents put her behind the locked garage and also to call the police. This all eventually sent her to a brutal rehabilitation camp of the government with the name of Thurmond. Ruby might have survived the deadly diseases that killed countless children in America but she came up with something even worse. She was there in the camp with a few other children with similar cases. They had their frightening abilities, which they were not able to control.

Ruby is 16 now and one of the most dangerous ones as well. The truth is yet to be revealed and when it does, Ruby hardly managed to escape from Thurmond with her life.

You will be thoroughly entertained through this novel and will not be able to restrict yourself in listening the sequel.


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