The Darkwater Bride

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Victorian London is really attractive to see in the pages of book these days as the era had a special flavor in it. Marty Ross takes us to the 19th century in which we first see the death of a Scottish businessman James Miller. The killing first appear to be a murder of which we hear every now and then but when the investigation continues especially one related to the daughter of that businessman the story at once changes gear and it starts to from link with the Dark water bride the one with the kiss of death.

 The story is also written in the mode of Victorian era where gloomy nature was supposed to be the chief ingredient in tales that were linked with murders. The novel is also a must read because it basically depicts the fighting spirit of a girl who is alone after the death of her father in a wide world that is ready to exploit her on every move and the exploitation is mostly sexual in nature that effects the psychology of the character as well.

The book has everything horror, thrill, sexual abuse and a spice of suspense and action. Such women character can be seen in routine in Ross’ work like  Just One Damned Thing After Another, The Woman on the Bridge.

The women are mostly positive in their role and are often striving to protect their rights especially in the 19th century. There are more than one narrator that are used in the novel, narrators like Donal Finn, Freya Mavor, Clare Corbett, Jamie Glover and Adrian Scarborough have played their part well by making their characters life like

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