The Day After Never

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The Day After Never: A Time Travel Adventure is a fantastic new novel written by Nathan Van Coops. The book is a contemporary science fiction fantasy and what a fantastic one this is. It is part 3 of the well-written In Time Like these novel series.

The Warp Clock: A Time Travel Adventure and The Chronothon are other successful novels, which Nathan Van Coops has written. Both these recommended novels are actually the chapters out of the In Times Like These novel series.  Neil Hellegers has given the narration of this chapter in his soulful and energetic tone, which actually was the demand of this novel.

Benjamin Travers in this novel goes missing and he himself needs to find himself. This is how much the situation is complicated right at the beginning. While getting back home from many of his disturbing voyages through time, Benjamin is looking for having a normal life with the beautiful girl that he loves. But, the need of tying up all the loose threads of his disjointed existence proves to be extremely complicated that he could have ever imagined.

There is someone who was attacking the time traveling labs and all that was threatening the existence and the safety of the Quickly family. Benjamin is also getting some weird messages from a doppelganger of himself, which he earlier thought was dead. Things started to get more complicated and mysterious from here onwards.

Benjamin needs to solve the mess and mystery of his own disappearance. For this, he need to travel even farther in time than he has ever gone before. He needed to do this in order to protect his family and friends and also to find out his own destiny.

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