The Dead Zone Audiobook

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The Dead Zone By Stephen King

The Dead Zone is no less composed and well-written than the Dark Half and The FireStarter because it has been based on the horror, fantasy and Sci-Fi moments that fill a person’s life with great and horrible events that he can see in other people’s upcoming life and sometimes the horrific past.

The person named Johnny Smith got caught in an accident that left him in a coma that lasted for 5 years. During these five years his fiancée got married and left him alone for dying and he was totally left broken heart until he came to know that he has developed the power to see other people’s future and can see their past as well after touching their hands.

Revisiting the film of Stephen King's The Dead Zone | Den of Geek

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Though most people come to him to solve their problems he feels as if he has been cursed. Because he keeps telling others the future but is not able to do anything well when he meets a politician who is in trouble. He wants to save them from issues they will be facing but keeps on wondering if he could do it and how it would be possible to do.

With the help of James Franco the narrator of the story, Stephen King makes sure you will never feel bored and detached from the story at any point. This has been plotted with all the necessary emotion packed events described in a detailed and catchy manner to help reader enjoy the essence of the story in a lively manner. For those who have read Needful Things and the Mist would definitely love this to read as well.

The Dead Zone Audiobook

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