The Depths of Time

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The book started nicely as it demonstrates how mankind has made artificial wormholes that travel through time. It centers on Chronologic patrol who has to prevent time paradoxes with everything at their disposal. To do this and keep their planet safe, they have to travel through time with time-shafts.

It is important to prevent the catastrophe that awaits them in the future by traveling back time to correct some mistakes in the past. However, tragedy befell them in one of their missions, which changed the entire objective of their captain, Anton Koffield.  When their relief carrying ship approaches the time shaft, they are attacked and most of their crews murdered in the process. Their future survival became more at risk.

But Koffi needs to do everything possible to salvage the situation: one daring decision he had to take that needed sacrifice. He needs to destroy the time shaft to stop the invasion.  His only hope of a return to his present world lost, Koffied embarked on a dangerous mission that seemed almost impossible for even the bravest of hearts.

This book is another high science fiction any sfi lover will appreciate. The book is the first of a trilogy that follows one another in the right sequence. Roger Allen presented The Chronicle in a succinct and simple manner. It is a must-read for anyone who appreciates science fiction with a blend of adventure.

The trilogy may be a long read, but its suspense and captivating tales make it very engrossing to read.The author tries successfully to make it entertaining and educative as well. He makes readers understand the simple but complex functionality of technology, the problems it has, and how to deal with its associated dangers.

Readers can easily find themselves in Koffied’s world as the author takes them through a long ride of bravery, intrigues, and the survival of humanity.Other equally interesting books for readers include Last of the Breed – Louis L’Amour and The Ocean of Years (Chronicles of Solace #2) – Roger MacBride Allen



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