The Deserter

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It’s a story about an army investigator and his one of a kind female partner, the novel is written in an unorthodox manner. The usual routine and pattern is not followed and the army missions are also full of conspiracies and things that one doesn’t hear about in the usual life or on the news channels.

Nelson DeMille and Alex DeMille have quite an insight about the army missions that are launched in a hidden way because announcing them publically would endanger the life of those who are participating in it.  Most of the part is suspense as the two agents look for the one who has deserted the army and flee away without a clue. Then the odd thing happens that shock the whole army, a video is released by the Taliban who claim to have captured Captain Kyle Mercer.

The news spreads like a wild fire because the elite officer of the Delta Force could prove quite an asset for the terrorists. Still the army shows doubt that whether the whole thing was a fake one or it really did happen. A year later the whole suspicion once again comes to life when the CIA spots the elite officer somewhere in Venezuela. The army is sure that Kyle willingly compromised himself in Afghanistan and that the deserter is now like a ticking time bomb for the army. Special team of officers is brought back to the mission so that the deserter can be captured dead or alive before he leaks any more information about the army hideouts all over the world.

Suspense thus changes into a thriller as the mission is launched and the whole of the world is the battlefield. Scott Brick narrates well but no haste is shown at any place it the voice is crystal clear at all spots and on all occasions. It has close relation to the novels like Plum Island and The Cuban Affair by the same author. The mission is different in all the novels but the element of suspense and thrill give you the same awesome feeling at every step.



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