The Dispatcher

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A story with a new idea and told in an enchanting manner surely grips you for a while and you as a reader tend to find the missing links as quickly as possible so that you can put them together and can complete the puzzle.

John Scalzi has tried to create a utopia in the master piece where the crime rate is almost zero percent and that is not because of the law enforcing agencies rather there is a new kind of scenario in the town i.e whoever is killed intentionally by someone is sent back to the world, the question that arises in our mind is that who is the one that is sending the murdered people back and what are his motives.

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However, the act decreases the crime rate and the now there is now benefit left behind wars as we cannot kill the one we want to kill. The name of the dispatcher is Tony Valdez who provide people a second chance so that they can save themselves from that deadly attack of which they at first had no knowledge. The story takes a dramatic twist when one of the dispatcher is kidnapped for a personal revenge. Tony for the first time faces forces that are perhaps darker than death itself.

It’s a thrilling tale like other stories of John Scalzi e.g Old Man’s War, The Consuming Fire. The story also moves at a rapid pace but the narration by Zachary Quinto keeps us busy in the story and saves us from any sort of confusion in the progress of the tale.  There is non-stop action with big drama that discloses toward the end.


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