The Dog Who Danced

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Fred Berman combines his voice with Christina Delaine in the book that is about another dog turning the course of a person’s life. Most of the fans all over the world have started it calling the dog show because the dogs were like the symbol of success in The Dog I Loved and Two Good Dogs.

This novel is a tour to different section of the country in the search of a dog and what happens is an amazing thing the woman finds her true self in the process. Meade like the other characters in Susan Wilson’s dog related stories is a woman who is washed away by the society.

She once had her mother as a source of inspiration and a house to live in and now she has lost both. Her partner and the one who provides her company all the time is her dog; she thinks that her dog has the capacity to bring people closer.

After a span of twenty years Meade gets a golden opportunity to go back to her mother’s house the one she left as a child. She meets Ed and Alice who face troubles of their own and have issues that cannot be resolved now.

They lost their daughter many years ago and that loss broke the bridge that was present between the two. Here on the country side the dog named Mack starts playing the role by participating in different activities and making life more fun for everyone. The soothing impact heals the broken hearts and bridges the gaps to some extent and the people get a purpose to relive together.

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