The Dragon Reborn

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Robert Jordan, the author of this book has created a legacy that will be long remembered. The series of his epic spans more than 10 books and each one is equally valuable and worth your time.

The Dagon Reborn is narrated by the well-known narrators-duo Kate Reading and Michael Kramer, who has definitely done poetic justice with all the leading characters of this book. Their voice would mesmerize with true emotions being depicted of the characters and this book for its entire duration of 24 hours would keep you highly entertained.

The story is about Rand Al-Thor, who is known as the Dragon Reborn. He is capable of touching the One Power. But that is of no use at all. The reason for this is that he has no control at all for the powers given. Rand Al-Thor has just one thing in mind that he should, in any case, face the Dark One and outclass him in the battle to the death. But the upcoming test of courage is very challenging. He is up against the Dragon Reborn, which is a far tougher test as per his capacity.

Robert Jordan is best known, rather truly known if you read more than just a single book of his. Then, you will be able to capitalize the aura of his great capabilities as a writer and how he manages to convince the audience to believe in fiction just as if that is reality. If you are convinced to know about more books by the author, then do find time to read The Shadow Rising and The Eye of the World. Most of the Jordan books from his Wheel series are over 20 hours and the quality of the audiobooks with its content truly justifies their duration.



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    1. For anyone going through this on a reread after having finished the series, pay special attention to chapter 21. There is SO much there.


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