The Dragonbone Chair

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Osten Ard a new place created by Tad Williams is impressive, magical places are usually created by the authors for the kids but it is not the case here. Serious touch has been given to the scenes and the place where all the action happens. The author brings in the fight scenes and describes the bloodshed which makes the book less suitable for the children.

Simon the leading character in the series was once just a Kitchen –boy who used to take care of the dishes most of the time. Life was not pleasant for him at all also rising higher than his fate was something which he never tried or thought of. All of a sudden one day the magician of the palace i.e Doctor Morgens hired Simon as his new apprentice and Simon was unable to comprehend that why he was selected. Magic comes to the scene after this incident and the powers of Simon rise more and more.

Soon the king of Osten dies and the throne known as the Dragonbone Chair becomes vacant. King’s sons get engaged in fights for the throne. Between all of this Simon thinks that his services are now useless for the throne so he just leaves all his duties. It was just the first book of the series which Andrew Wincott narrated and the fate of Simon would be decided in the later stages perhaps. The Stone of Farewell is next on the list with more details about Simon and the kingdom of Osten Ard that lost its king soon after the story got into full pace. After the death of the king, it has been a competition for the throne all the way.

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    The Heart of Betrayal

    The Stone of Farewell


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