The Dragon’s Fang

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Book will not appeal to you very much if you have not paid attention to the first two parts of the series. The toil through which the hero had to go through can only be felt if you have listened about all the struggles and the sacrifices. There has never been more serious situation for Ben which he faces now. The Dragon’s Egg and The Dragon’s Codex were just trailers but this is harshness at its peak and surviving means going through hell in a stepwise way. Old enemies are coming back to the surface while the new ones were already more than enough for the warrior.

Allies on whom Ben used to show complete trust have long been gone and some of them have even cheated him on occasions when he was not expecting such a thing. Ben has been looking for the Dragon Codex for a long time as this seems to be the only thing which can save his life and also the rest of the world from perishing. Just when he thought he was close to achieving his objective, he is thrown far away in another direction. Old rivals were supposed to be dead long ago but guess what, they are still alive and they were actually waiting for their old prey.

Derek Perkins has narrated every single book of this series and there hasn’t been anyone who has every pointed any error or an unnecessary pause in narration. David A. Wells takes the story to a different height in this third part of the trilogy and we can say that he has given a master stroke to the series.

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    The Dragon’s Codex



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