The Dream of the Iron Dragon

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The novel redefines the word survival as the trapped humanity had to survive 1300 back in the past for the achievement of their goal. The novel starts when we see the human brace crumbling to the core because of the alien attacks that keep on coming and would one day surely end the human race forever.

However a good fortune strike one of the crews of the twenty-third century as they land back in time among the Vikings and calculate that they have another chance in this era where they can stop the alien race from landing or invading the mother earth.

The task however does not prove quite an easy one as they are always chased by the men of the cruel king people call Harald and more than this they face the lack of technology issue as in order to stop the alien invasion they got to reach the stars while the Vikings of that time had no knowledge about flying even. The decades are again lost in teaching the brutes how do develop a ship that can fly.

That is the first time when they even give a name to this imaginative ship and call it the Iron Dragon. Robert Kroese has started the series with superb stroke of his pen and it appears that the trilogy will have a fantastic ending as it is seen in the other books of the writer like Aye, Robot, and Out of the Soylent Planet: A Rex Nihilo Adventure, the stories are always with superb endings that can amaze the reader. The narration goes well with the first part and we see an extra effort by J. D. Ledford in the climax scenes.  




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