The Dreamer

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The latest thriller again linked to the tales and issues like that of sexual harassment something that we have started to see in Sheldon Siegel’s work a lot. It was the main theme in Hot Shot where the so called sexy Lexy got rid of the boss. Here Carlos Cruz suffers the same fate when after several cases of sexual harassment he finds a knife going through his gut before breathing his last.

Cruz was one the famous chef’s of the town but an infamous personality among the ladies who worked around him. Mercy was one those girls, who was a waitress, though she never liked the job but she needed some job to clear the bills and maintain the house budget. She had a fight with Cruz the day before he died; she even said that she could kill him. Later that night she found him dead and herself the prime suspect in front of the local police. She tries to tell that she was just trying to save him but no one believes her because of her finger prints that are everywhere.

Mike and Rosie have something personal that they don’t want to tell at the beginning of the case but towards the middle they are forced to reveal the secrets. Again fancy little story, not elaborated much because there was nothing psychological in the in Mercy’s character the only one who was psycho dies in the beginning. There is always a first time for experiment and Tim Campbell has done this in this book. After cementing his place as the official narrator for this series he now toys with the pace and pitch.

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