The Dreamers

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The Dreamers novel is penned by Karen Timpson Walker in a very engaging manner. It is a literary fiction novel where characterization, situation creation and pace of the novel is just at its best. The narration for the novel is given by Casandra Campbell in a super classy and soulful tone. Narration of this novel is one big reason for its success.

The shape and atmosphere of an ordinary small town changes overnight due to a mysterious illness. The secretive disease results in the perpetual sleep.

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A first year student was found stumbling in his room at night in a college dorm room in Southern California. He fell asleep soon and doesn’t got up. She just slept through the all the night, morning and the next evening. Mei, her roommate tried hard, but she was unable to rouse her at all. She was rushed to the hospital and even the paramedics staff and the doctors were unable to rouse her.

After this, another girl was found asleep in the same way as the first one, and then another same case happened. Panic was there in the college, which was obvious and soon it spread all over the town. A young couple was striving hard to protect their infant as the earlier quiet streets of the town have turned into a complete chaos. There were another pair of sisters, who turned to each other as in support, while their survivalist dad prepares for the catastrophe. Things were definitely getting out of hands from the residents of the town.

Karen Thompson Walker as an author is also credited with her best work in her other novels, such as, Ein Jahr voller Wunder and The Age of Miracles.



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