The Education of an Idealist

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The Education of an Idealist is a personal memoir. It is written by Samantha Power and the book really has got some interesting stuff for the readers/ listeners to relate with the experiences told by the writer. Samantha Power herself is also the narrator of this novel and a personal memoir can never get better than this when it comes through the voice of the person herself.

The novel is the best-seller in Wall Street Journal, New York Times and in USA Today as well. The former president of USA, Barack Obama is also a fan of the book and recommend this as a must read for all those who are careful about playing their role in an evolving world.

In this memoir, the author Samantha Power gives a quick response to the question of “What can a person do?” She calls for a kind heart, much clear eye and a civil and open hand within our daily lives and politics. It was in 2005, when a good number of her critiques of the foreign policy of US caught the attention of Barrack Obama, the newly elected senator. He invited Samantha Power to support him in the work on the Capitol Hill and then also on his upcoming presidential campaign. Samantha Power life changes after Obama became the president of the USA and she went on to become an activist inside the government, rather than what she was before Obama was the president. She used to navigate all through the doors and halls of power, while striving to put her ideals into actual performance.

Samantha Power has both her expertise and interest towards the nonfictional books. A good nonfictional book by the author based on history genre is A Problem from Hell.

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