The Emperor’s Soul

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Shai gets into trouble and all her plans have been compromised because she was unable to get the job done. Now she has to save her life first after which she would be able to look into the matters of the state. Emperor Ashravan is not in his senses anymore and this hints towards the destruction of the empire that is already on the verge of chaos. The people of the land including the enemies of the emperor will not wait more than hundred days for the emergence of the king.

If the king does not rise from his mourning then a new ruler can be selected and for this a battle will start among those who think that they are illegible for the throne. The rule of the Heritage Faction is something which the peace keepers don’t want to be forfeited in such a situation when apparently the enemies have the upper hand.

Shai can create a new soul for the king but hundred days or less might not be sufficient for this job. Moreover this is something which Shai is forbidden to do and when her captors realize that she is involved in this hideous task, they lock her up in prison. Now Shai has to escape first in order to complete this task which only she can perform.

Author Brandon Sanderson’s new installment to the Elantirs series gets narrated by Angela Lin this time and her voice was a perfect match to Shai’s character. The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance also had perfect narrators and the books were with perfect plots too. Brandon Sanderson’s books always come with surprise and a lot of material which will capture the listener like a prisoner in the cage.

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