The Empty Copper Sea

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The Empty Copper Sea is an outstanding crime mystery thriller with fantastic suspense. This was some level of dip in quality in the past three novels but not too much. In this novel, the author finally managed to get things back on track and all the excuses of his fans got the best answer that they were actually looking for. If you want to know about few other novels from the Travis McGee novel series then do checkout the Nightmare in Pink and The Deep Blue Good-By novels. You will definitely have a great literary time with these recommended novels.

Robert Petkoff has given the beautiful narration of this chapter.

Van Harder once had a reputation of a hard drinker. He has now found religion and became a totally different man. But this doesn’t help his mates in saying that he killed Hub Lawless, his employer. The body of the victim was not recovered. In order to clear out his name and to resolve the mystery, Van approached Travis McGee to do the needful for him. Travis discovered initially that Timber Bay is quite a difficult town to get a break in when you are asking questions from strangers especially. One more thing he finds out is that Hub Lawless is worth quite a good amount of money, either he is dead or alive. Some people were just looking to get some piece of that action while some were looking to take a lot more than that.

The Empty Copper Sea from the Travis McGee novel series is highly recommended. It is a reviving novel in the saga which you must check out.

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