The End

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Firstly it was apparent that the story would end at the trilogy but now we observe that the author has not poured out the full stock and Mark Tufo’s mind has still a great deal in it. We never imagined that the struggle for survival would lead Michael and his family this far. They have gone through hell and still there is more to come if they want to remain in the state they are living at present.

In Zombie Fallout   and A Plague Upon Your Family  there was an introduction of two more characters i.e the Bulldog with a supreme strength because of which it is quite helpful for the family the other one is Tommy with unlimited powers. Tommy is more of a leader now in the trilogy because the family is fully dependent on him and it is he who is leading the way now.

Tommy’s personality is also not clear, Sean Runnette too gives a strange sort of a pitch to him to inculcate in the minds of the listener that Mark Tufo has not painted this person as an entirely innocent one. It could be possible that he possesses an agenda of his own that can be fulfilled in the company of this family who is wandering aimless now.

The comic element is decreasing and the story moves toward a corrosive progress which was obvious in the zombie land. Development is sheer and a lot of subplots makes our mind go round and round at most parts and difference that we observe in this particular series is that no one is preparing for a fight it is all a desperate run for survival.

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    A Plague Upon Your Family

    Dr. Hugh Mann


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