The Enemy Within

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Omega Force and its mission have really made the life exiting for the fans who love to see the heroes emerging at the toughest of situations. Whenever, anywhere in the universe an invasion is made the crew in on to the rescue in a flash and also keeping in mind their primary motive i.e keeping their planet safe.

This time Captain Burke answers to the call of an old ally who needs help as the enemy try to breech the premises of his planet. The team has been going from one planet to other for a long time now and every time the calm things down in one a new problem arises in another planet.

Now this time they finally realize that all of their previous missions and this one is somehow inter connected. The fight with the Confederation Fleet was not an end to the whole agenda that the enemy had in its mind. The investigation continues and it becomes tough for the team and especially the captain to judge the right person. No one appears to be trust worthy this time and the people who were close to them in Marine and Omega Rising are now appearing as enemies.

Joshua Dalzelle has added more mystery to the series and this can be felt in the voice of Paul Heitsch too who uses a rather whispering tone. A real deal in all respect this book surely possesses the potential to keep the fans engaged in the mystery and the high drama in the fight scenes. Supports and hopes are shift this time and surely no one expected such a turn in the story in the first three parts.

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