The English Assassin

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It is a very rare thing that a man can keep his mind in the right position after losing his family and everything he once lived for. This thing happened with Gabriel when Tariq the Palestinian terrorist killed the family in The Kill Artist. Instead of going on a revenge tour, Gabriel shifted his attention to the field of arts, though he did get his revenge after all since then he has been working as a person who restores and protects the art.

Author Daniel Silva takes Gabriel to Israel in this episode. For the sake of art restoration, Gabriel is called to Israel by a banker and it would have been a routine tour if the banker would not have been killed. The banker was found dead by Gabriel in front of Raphael that he wanted to get restored.

As Gabriel was the only person found near the dead body when it was found so quite naturally he gets into the list of the suspects and guesses what he lands on the top. The ex-assassin has faced terrible things in The Order but he never expected this coming.

However, he was freed later, and when he was about to leave he was told by the daughter of the banker that some of her father’s favorite collections have been stolen. The collections were related to World War which means that the job is of the killer known as “The Englishman”. John Lee takes guard in narration for this part and it appears that he will continue from now on for the series because the fans have appreciated his contribution.

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