The Everafter War

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Daphne and Sabrina from day one knew that there was something fishy about the death or disappearance of their parents. They never saw the dead bodies of their parents and no one told them the way in which their parents vanished. If anyone vanishes into thin air than it is possible only because of magic and existence of magic and magical creatures is not untrue from those who have been to Ferryport. Sisters Grimm have all the info that they need to prove that their parents are still alive.

After a long and harsh struggle in parts like The Fairy-Tale Detectives and  The Sisters Grimm the sisters have finally found their parents in one piece. The spell is gone and the parents are with the Sisters Grimm but ironically they have no time for the family reunion.

The war is on from both sides and it is Prince Charming that the family decides to support against Scarlet Hand. The personal war is finally over and the struggle has made the two sisters win their parents back and along with it a respectable status in the fairy world.

L.J. Ganser’s voice can ignite passion in the kids still but Michael Buckley is winding up the series slowly. The things are getting resolved and the issues are finally ending between the people of the land, the Sisters Grimm has found the answers to almost all of their questions. It is the main or the last struggle toward which all of us look forward to now but it will not end all of the troubles. In the land with all the fairy tale creatures, things are always messy.







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