The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell

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A Novel that is not just a story but it is actually a whole new world. Here listeners of this audio book will feel find amazing and mesmerizing things to keep in their long term memory. The author of the novel Robert Dugoni who also narrates it here in this book is New York Times best selling author who has touched many hearts so far.

The perfect story line, the intriguing details, mind-blowing imaginative events, and characters bring in the whole scenario into life. You can feel like you are a part of the story and is going through all what is happening there.

Sam hill who always sees the surroundings in different ways has red pupils and that is why people call him ‘the devil boy’. His classmates call him Sam Hell though he only has albinism issues. He keeps on surviving the rant against him as his mother always supports and comfort him.

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Errie Cantwell who is an African American is the only friend Sam has and considers his friend is sent by God. Whereas Mickie comes to ruin and reverses everything Sam knows so far. You will see how Sam starts exploring things around him.

He will know the facts behind his differences with the world and why there is always something new for him that he needs to understand.

Keeping everything behind, the journey is about to begin in a new way and in the voice of Robert, listeners can surely get through everything while imagining what they are listening to.

Every character, every emotion, every happening and every turn in the story has some significance to notice. The diversity and the shift between the two sides of the world bring in more interesting experience for all those who want to enjoy reading novels. Member Benefit

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