The Eye of Moloch

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The Eye of Moloch is a genre fiction book. It is written by Glenn Beck. He is an American writer, conspiracy theorist, and political commentator. He has always urged youngsters in particular and adults, in general, to work towards a better future for the country. You will find his Arguing with Socialists book to be very thoughtful and engaging. You will have the same sort of experience with his The Great Reset book.

The very last and critical battle for freedom was underway.

The battle lines found in the tougher rivalry were found to be as old as this world or the civilization itself. There was a highly unlikely band of regular Americans at one end who were all set to give their POV in support of self-rule, liberty, and freedom. On the other side, there was the elite of self-styled kinds of tyrants. Those were the ones who believed that unrestricted power must be exerted by the few of the chosen ones. That group was led by a puppet master and a trillionaire. He was Aaron Doyle. He would stop at nothing when it comes to destroying the myth that man is all god to rule himself.

 Just when Doyle prepared himself to go for his ultimate move towards a global vision for the future of humanity then many new allies joined the fight. A lot of old enemies at that time also changed their sides. Molly on the other hand also gathered a small group that was ready to risk their lives to infiltrate one of the toughest and safest locations on Earth. It was the place with the most long-kept secrets and once revealed then those could change America forever.

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