The Eye of the World


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The Eye of the World – Book One of The Wheel of Time is nothing less of exception in literary arts that Robert Jordan has produced. He is best known for his novels that are soulfully created and people get a mix of drama, emotion, thrill, and suspense, all combined into one. The audio of this book is taken care by the powerful voice of Kate Reading and Michael Kramer as its main narrators.

Both the narrators are good in handling complex roles like this one with some great feeling, emotions, and confidence. They would never lose on the excitement, pitch and the class of this fast-moving story.

The Eye of the World

The book will keep you rocking and you will enjoy it without any confusion, even if you haven’t read the prequel of this book, which is another excellent story to enjoy.

It may take a few initial chapters to get your bearings with the material but once you get a little deep into it, then you cannot wait to finish this 29 hours long audiobook in a couple of sessions. Jordan as always and in most of the prequels to this book has come down single-handedly to dominate the entire world, which Tolkien in this book has actually started to reveal.

The Eye of the World

The Dragon Reborn and The Eye of the World are a couple of other classics by Robert Jordan that are also depicted as his finest work ever done so far. Moreover, the narrator-duo of both these stories is also the same and that makes it a lethal combination that is worth investing your time on. The saga portrayed in this book reaches out to the next level of excitement and emotional impact.



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    13 thoughts on “The Eye of the World”

    1. Read all the books multiple times ages ago. Lovely to be able to listen to them now, since I can’t seem to focus to read like that anymore haha. Too bad it doesn’t work in soundcloud though.

    2. My boyfriend always told me this to read Telling me that this is his favorite book. Until I tried to read the book but I actually love it… Well thanks to my boyfriend

    3. Great book and great quality.
      Ads are kind of annoying and it stops on its own intermittently but I’m thankful for these audio books.


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