The Eyes of Darkness

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Suspense, mystery and thrill the book has it all and is loaded with it so much that a listener cannot ignore even a fragment of it. It is Dean Koontz at his best in story creation and then its presentation in culinary language that is irresistible. Death is a bitter reality that is linked to life and most of the time when people close to you they die you at first don’t accept mentally that they are now gone.

Then as the mind soothes a little and things again start coming into hands the mind in cool and calm perspective accepts that what is reality. Tina Evans also faced such a sad moment in her life when she lost little Danny. Danny her son was everything for her and then he just left the world.

Tina was unable to make herself believe that the moment really came and then she saw her son in a car. According to the people around she has gone crazy but she is ready to swear that it was her son. She starts getting the messages in her dream and then writing in the bedroom disturbs her more than ever.

Perhaps someone is toying with her mind but what if her son is really alive and is abducted by some gang. She moves to High Sierra for the secrets for which she needs answers. No one is ready to help her because they think that she is talking about odd things now and her mind would not be pacified until she knows the truth. Narrated in high whispers by Tanya Eby the book is a must for fans of books like Watchers and Devoted. Really exciting work by the author in all perspectives the book is a masterpiece.

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