The Eyes of the Dragon Audiobook

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The Eyes of the Dragon By Stephen King

The story takes us once again to king Roland the name makes us think about The Dark Tower II once again also the name Peter also the story possesses the elements of The Gunslinger. The story though tends to be a fairy tale but it has proved to be a fairy tale of King’s world that still has horror in it and the evil planning as well against different characters by some hidden forces with a hidden agenda that slowly but completely unfolds at the end.

This story is unique from the rest of King’s creations as it has a bit less horror in it as compared to other books of the writer of fiction and the world of imaginations.  Bronson Pinchot has done his job as a narrator quite excellently. The tone that changes with feelings is superb. There is also another change in the narration technique as well. After every scene or an event the narrator stops the story for a moment and presents his own comments on the story in order to reduce the complexity and make the story simpler for the listener.

The Eyes of the Dragon Stephen King

This thing is quite useful for the new listeners or for those who are listening to Stephen’s work for the first time. The plot is also not that complex and the characters are also not thinking about their past life again and again that makes us usually uncomfortable at certain occasions in King’s creations. The story is especially written for his daughter and that’s why has the complete fairy tale ingredient instead of ghosts and complex painful past memories.


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