The Fall of Hyperion

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The Fall of Hyperion by Dan Simmons sums up an interesting piece of writing for the listeners. It is based on contemporary science fiction genre and has go all the ingredients to amaze you with a book of such a sort. This book is part 2 of the Hyperion series. The narration of this book in a very commanding and dominating voice is given by Victor Bevine.

Dan Simmons starts off well in Hyperion, the prequel to this book. He continued with same stunning and epic adventure in this book, where he left in the last one. This time he returns his listeners to a very far future, which is completely dazzling with some great drama and creation.

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Specifically speaking, the novel talks about the mysterious types of the Time Tombs, which are opening. They are highly secretive in a way, but actually the secrets expected in them have an idea about the future of universe. It actually means that nothing in any part of the universe, whatsoever, will stay the same ever.

Dan Simmons is a renowned author and a complete star in the literary world from the outset. It was actually the Hyperion series that made him a very accomplished writer and earned him the status of a star writer.

The writer Dan Simmons is known far beyond this novel. His other notable books, which are worth going a try at are Endymion and The Rise of Endymion. The books are amazing and again based on science fiction genre. The narration is also a powerful attribute associated with these recommended books. Overall, a great package is there for you to get entertained.


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